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Dower Release

If you are in the process of separating, we can support you in handling ownership matters regarding the matrimonial home. By signing over Dower Rights, we can successfully reflect exclusive rights in a property, so you may both move on to the next chapters of your lives.

A Dower Release has one spouse give up their interest in the matrimonial real estate property. This allows the other spouse to become entitled to sell, gift, remortgage, or dispose of the property at their discretion.

Whether you are signing a Dower Release or are someone receiving dower rights once the release is given, we help ensure a stress-free transition to your next chapter in life while protecting your interests.

Legally, a Dower Release must be consulted on and signed in front of a lawyer. With so much at stake, we work to ensure your interests are protected and the process is as stress free as possible.

Inquire About Dower Rights
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When Signing a Dower Release

We will meet in-person to discuss the consequences, ensure you understand the rights that you are giving up, the impact, and whether we can request some compensation from your spouse, such as a buyout. Given the impact of the amount of interest you may be giving up, under the Dower Act, as your lawyer we are legally required to ensure your interests are well protected and observe the signing.

If you are someone in whose favour the release of dower rights is given – we will help draft the paperwork and register the Dower Release with the Land Titles.


Release of Dower Rights

Release of Dower Rights $250

Plus registration fees, not including estate planning / matrimonial law advice (if required). GST will be charged additionally.

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