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Employment lawyers play a vital role in protecting the rights of both employers and employees. Whether you are dealing with a dispute, you are looking to put employment contracts in place, or you have been wrongfully terminated, there are tons of nuances to consider.

If you are amid an employment dispute, it is essential to have a lawyer with knowledge and experience to ensure that your interests are protected and your matter will be resolved efficiently. Even if you think you control your employment situation, we can help simplify it, give you clear direction, and outline your options.

At DLegal, we will be happy to share our expertise with you. Our experienced employment lawyers can help you navigate the legal process and protect your rights. We have a deep understanding of the laws governing employment relationships. We can provide invaluable guidance to all parties who are facing difficult situations at work.

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Focus Areas

Employment Contract Lawyer

As you grow and hire team members, you need to create employment contracts and develop internal policies for employee motivation or discipline procedures. It is also essential to know and understand how to legally end your relationship with an employee and avoid disputes. That is why having a knowledgeable and experienced employment contract lawyer by your side can make a big difference.

Employment Contract Lawyer

Employment Contract Review

When entering into an employment relationship, it is crucial to review the terms outlined in the employment contract to ensure they are suitable. This ensures that the employment is fair, reasonable, and aligned with industry standards. Speak to us today for thorough advice and personal attention.

Employment Contract Review

Contractor Agreements in Alberta

Whether hiring a contractor or acting as one yourself, having a precise contractor in place is essential. However, drawing up or reviewing contractor agreements can be complex. By understanding the intricacies of your business and objectives, a lawyer can draft provisions that accurately reflect your intentions, rights, and obligations.

Contractor Agreements in Alberta

Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer

Wrongful dismissal means any employment termination that is not done lawfully, including employee dismissal without proper notice or pay in lieu or when the employer does not have just cause. Again, a lawyer can help employers and employees make well-informed decisions and negotiate favorable termination terms.

Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer

Constructive Dismissal Lawyers

Constructive dismissal occurs when your employment terms deteriorate, making it impossible or unbearable for you to continue working. When it comes to constructive dismissal, seeking the assistance of a qualified lawyer is crucial to protect your rights and navigate the legal complexities involved.

Constructive Dismissal Lawyers

Severance Lawyer

Navigating the complexities of severance pay can be a challenge, and having a severance lawyer as your ally can give you great peace of mind. Whether it's determining the appropriate notice period, calculating fair compensation, or negotiating a severance package, our lawyers are here to help you.

Severance Lawyer

Workplace Harassment Lawyer

Workplace harassment can have detrimental effects on someone's well-being and work environment. By seeking the assistance of an employment lawyer specializing in workplace harassment, you can navigate the legal process and work towards obtaining justice in your situation.

Workplace Harassment Lawyer

Employment Litigation

Employment litigation lawyers handle complex employment disputes. They have a deep understanding of Alberta's employment legislation, case law, and legal procedures. If you find yourself involved in an employment law dispute consulting an employment litigation lawyer at DLegal is advisable. We are here to help you navigate through the complexities of your case and develop effective legal strategies.

Employment Litigation

Calgary Employment Lawyers


Employment law is a system of laws and regulations that govern the relationship between employers and employees. The primary purpose of employment law is to protect the rights of workers and ensure that they are treated fairly by their employers. However, employers should also have policies and procedures in place to ensure compliance with workplace law.

Employment law covers a wide range of topics, including job security, wages and benefits, health and safety, and discrimination. Compliance with employment laws is mandatory for all employers, regardless of size or type of business. Penalties for non-compliance can be significant, so employers must be up-to-date on the latest developments in employment law.


Our Calgary employment lawyers help small and mid-size businesses in various industries to deal with employment issues. In addition to litigating cases, we also handle negotiations, assist with drafting contracts, and advise clients on compliance with employment laws.


You’ll need specific expertise to navigate your rights within the employer-employee relationship. Having an employment attorney on your side is the best way to ensure you perform due diligence and take the proper recourse.

At DLegal, we understand that employment issues can be very distressing. Having an experienced legal advocate on your side can give you peace of mind and help you resolve problems that may arise in the workplace.

Employment Law Firm

HOW to chOose your employment law firm

Employment law requires a unique set of skills and knowledge, and you must be sure that your employment lawyer has extensive experience handling cases like yours. If you need an employment lawyer, consider as many recommendations as possible and meet with the lawyers you choose for an initial consultation. It’s essential that you feel you trust your lawyer and that you will be able to work closely with them for what could potentially be a long time.

At DLegal, we know that employment lawyers play an essential role in ensuring that both employers and employees are treated fairly under the law, and we take our role in workplace situations seriously. Contact us today if you need an employment lawyer on your side for workplace disputes. We help both employees and employers to protect their best interests.

Our Employment Law Services

Severance Packages

In Alberta, severance packages are calculated based on statute and common law principles. However, there are a number of factors that can affect the amount of severance pay that an employee receives, including the duration of service, age, personal situation, and position.

For example, employees over the age of 55 or who have worked for the company for more than 10 years may be entitled to a higher amount of severance pay. In addition, employees who are dismissed due to layoffs or downsizing may be entitled to a higher amount of severance pay than those who are fired for just cause.

As a result, it is important to consult with an experienced employment lawyer to determine the amount of severance pay to which you may be entitled. Lawyers can help employees entering a new job by negotiating with the employer for a fair severance package or help businesses create severance pay packages that are legally enforceable.

Employment Contracts

An employment contract is a legally binding agreement between an employer and an employee that outlines the terms of the employee’s employment. The contract typically covers topics such as the duties of the employee, the length of the employment, salary and benefits, and other terms of the work.

It is crucial to make sure that, as an employee, you understand and agree to all the terms of the contract before signing. If there are any points that you are unsure about, it is best to consult with a Calgary employment lawyer. A lawyer can explain the contract to you in plain language and help you negotiate more favorable terms.

On the flip side, our lawyers can also help employers create employment agreements that attract and retain good employees, provide certainty in the terms of the employment relationship, and protect an employer’s business interests, such as trade secrets or confidential information. It can also include non-disclosure agreements and non-solicitation clauses.

An employment contract can be a valuable tool for employers seeking to protect their business interests and promote a harmonious working relationship with their employees. With a clear understanding of the contract’s terms, both employer and employee can be sure they are entering into a fair and mutually beneficial agreement.


In business, there are many different reasons why an employee may be terminated or asked to leave their position. Sometimes, it is due to a lack of performance or poor job fit, while other times, it may be due to behavioral issues or conflict with co-workers. However, in all cases, it is essential to clearly understand the company’s policies and procedures regarding termination and cause for dismissal. This will help to ensure that the process is fair and equitable and corresponds with employment law.

Documenting all instances of poor performance or misconduct is essential, as this can be used as evidence if an employee challenges termination. By taking these steps, businesses can help protect themselves from legal action and ensure they make the best decision for their company.

Wrongful Dismissal

Wrongful dismissal (link to wrongful dismissal page) is a type of lawsuit in which an employee alleges that they were fired in violation of an employment contract or statute. In order to succeed in a wrongful dismissal claim, the employee must prove that they had an employment contract, that the contract was breached, and that they suffered damages as a result of the breach.

If the employee can prove these elements, then they may be entitled to compensation for lost wages and benefits, as well as damages for pain and suffering. While wrongful dismissals are often complex and time-consuming, they can provide a much-needed remedy for employees who have been wrongfully dismissed from their job. Seek legal advice regarding your case to take the first steps toward wrongful dismissal.


Workplace discrimination is a very real problem that can have a profound impact on employees. It can take many different forms, from direct and overt discrimination to more subtle and covert forms of discrimination. Workplace discrimination can occur on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, or any other characteristic that is protected under anti-discrimination laws. When workplace discrimination occurs, it can lead to legal action against the employer.

Employees should feel safe and respected in the workplace and be treated fairly and equally. If you believe you have been the victim of workplace discrimination, you should speak to an experienced employment lawyer to help you understand your rights and options.

Workplace Harassment & Bullying

Workplace harassment is a serious issue that can have a significant impact on both employees and employers. Harassment can take many forms, including verbal abuse, physical threats, and sexual harassment. When left unchecked, harassment can create a toxic work environment that makes it difficult for employees to do their jobs.

As an employer, it is vital to have a clear anti-harassment policy in place and to make sure that all employees are aware of it. You should also take any reports of harassment seriously and investigate them promptly. By taking steps to prevent and address workplace harassment, you can create a safer and more productive work environment for everyone.

If you have been a victim of workplace harassment, there are options available to take legal action against your harassers. This can be a complex process, but with the help of an experienced lawyer, it is possible to get the justice you deserve. You deserve to be treated with respect at work, and you may be able to get justice through the labor law courts.

Other Areas of EMPLOYMENT LAW Expertise
  • Workplace Disputes of Any Kind
  • Just Cause Terminations
  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements

We help workers claim their rights and employers deal with false allegations. Your legal matters are in safe hands with DLegal law firm. Reach out today for advice from our Calgary employment lawyers on your unique situation.

Employment Lawyers Calgary


The ideal workplace is one where employees are respected and valued for their contributions, and the company offers fair compensation and opportunities for advancement. However, that doesn’t always happen. When that’s the case, we are here to fight for your rights or help you work towards a more productive workplace. We also provide legal support to employers. So if you are having and employment law question, reach out to our team.

Whether you have been denied fair compensation, have questions about your employment right and obligations, or you are an HR professional updating your employment agreements, our Calgary employment lawyers are here to help. We are here to provide you with the sound advice and straightforward solutions that you need for your employment-related matters.


At DLegal, we offer reasonable fees for employment law services. We are one of the few law firms in Calgary offering flat rates for standard employment law questions and publishing them transparently on our website here.

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