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Corporate Lawyer in Calgary

Corporate law is an incredibly important and diverse field of legal practice. From incorporation to corporate governance, corporate lawyers assist businesses of all sizes in navigating their way through the legal system.

For any corporation wanting to protect itself from potential litigation or regulatory action, relying on expert knowledge in this area is essential. DLegal corporate lawyers will act as your trusted advisors and help you navigate complex laws and regulations in Calgary.

We are known for our thorough and detail-oriented approach to corporate and commercial law. By ensuring that every angle has been examined, you can prevent costly litigation or governmental fines down the line. In addition, keeping a company legally sound will ensure you can continue to operate and grow in today’s competitive markets.

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Focus Areas

Incorporation Lawyers in Calgary

Just like a house begins with a blueprint, your business needs to start with a setup of incorporation documents, a minute book, and by-laws for the proper legal foundation. A well-designed corporate structure helps save you taxes and money, and it is vital to have it in place from the beginning.

Incorporation Lawyers in Calgary

Corporate Governance Lawyers

As the business scales, you need legal assistance with developing the policies and best practices to balance the wants and needs of your shareholders, employees, and customers. Corporate governance lawyers provide insightful advice on corporate management and help you comply with company duties.

Corporate Governance Lawyers

Corporate Dissolution

The dissolution of a corporation means way more than simply closing a corporate business. It includes discharging all its liabilities, resolving all outstanding claims, distributing any remaining assets to shareholders, and formally completing the process by filing the requisite paperwork.

Corporate Dissolution

Shareholders Agreement

A shareholders agreement outlines shareholders' rights and obligations with respect to each other and the corporation. Also, it establishes the corporate setup, management, and operations. It is always best to enlist the help of a lawyer to make your shareholder agreement a legally binding contract.

Shareholders Agreement

Share Purchase Agreement in Alberta

A share purchase agreement is a legal contract establishing the terms of the sale and purchase of shares of a corporation. Because a shareholder agreement is a contract, and with so much at stake, consider getting legal advice throughout the buying process and before you sign it.

Share Purchase Agreement in Alberta

Commercial and Corporate Legal Matters


Corporate lawyers play a vital role in the business world. From negotiating share purchase contracts and crafting shareholder agreements to preventing corporate management legal disputes, DLegal lawyers are proactive and help to maintain our corporate and commercial clients’ regulatory compliance.

As a corporate law firm, we are knowledgeable of current laws that regulate businesses in Calgary as well as how to accurately evaluate corporate legal documents, assist with sale of shares and corporate dissolutions, optimize your corporate structure, and more. With their combination of expertise and professionalism, our corporate lawyers are critical for success in any business venture.


The legal needs of incorporated businesses are unique. Corporations have a complex organizational structure and fall under specific legal regulations. At the same time, corporations enjoy limited liability protection and can also take advantage of their more solid financial standing.

This means that corporations need specialized legal advice and guidance in order to comply with all necessary regulations and navigate potential risks. Although all business structures may require legal counsel, a corporate lawyer’s approach to meeting those needs will certainly differ. Therefore, it is imperative for corporate entities to partner with Calgary corporate lawyers who know how to navigate this unique area of the law.


Corporate lawyers play a significant role in the business world, often serving as trusted advisors and providing critical counsel in a variety of industries. From start-up tech companies to local coffee shops, established medical clinics, or international retail, corporate lawyers must understand the complexities and demands of each industry they work with and have the ability to anticipate future legal obstacles.

Corporate Lawyer Calgary


At DLegal, we are proud to work with corporate clients in Calgary, Alberta. Taking the time to identify the right corporate lawyer will lead to a successful partnership that achieves positive results from both legal and business perspectives. So get in touch with our corporate lawyers today to start the conversation.


Our corporate lawyers are versatile advisors who work with corporate entities in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, food producers, consultants, farmers, and education. We strive daily to uphold standards, protect businesses from risk and help drive growth opportunities.


At DLegal, we offer reasonable fees for corporate and commercial legal services. We are one of the few law firms in Calgary offering flat rates for standard corporate legal services and commercial transactions and publishing them transparently on our website here.

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