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As humans, we want to take care of our loved ones, have our affairs in order, prevent family disputes, and ensure that our wishes are respected. In fact, a life cycle of an estate begins with estate planning as someone becomes an adult. It transitions into estate management as someone matures, and it comes to the estate administration phase in case of someone’s death or incapacity.

DLegal Calgary estate lawyers will lead you through each and every stage of the estate process. We help you prepare for the future by providing wills and estates planning solutions. When you face incapacity in your family, our estate lawyer will assist you with guardianship and trusteeship. When you lose your significant one, we will make this time easier for you by guiding you through estate administration and probate of wills.

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Focus Areas
Wills Lawyer Calgary

Through the will you can set out a variety of wishes, including transfers of personal and business assets and giving of gifts on death, or appointing a guardian for children. Without a will, you cannot control your estate on death. Having a properly drafted will by an estate lawyer in Calgary ensures you and your significant ones have control over life’s events.

Wills Lawyer Calgary
Power of Attorney

A power of attorney gives authority to someone to manage your money and property on your behalf. A power of attorney is a potent tool, but it also can be used to your detriment. Calgary estate lawyer can draft a power of attorney for you so that you to be in control of your property and financial matters.

Power of Attorney
Personal Directives

A personal directive spells out your healthcare and end-of-life choices, as well as your preferences for guardians for minors when you become incapacitated. Without it, your family may need to go through a tedious court application to have the authority to represent you. Discuss your personal directive with a Calgary estate lawyer to ensure you have a say in how you want your affairs to be handled.

Personal Directives
Business Succession Planning

If you have a business that you’ve poured your heart into, ensure it will be properly dealt with when you retire or in case of your death or incapacity.

Business Succession Planning
Probate and Estate Administration

Passing of a loved one is a very hard time in your life, and estate administration can be confusing for many. If you are the executor, our probate lawyer will save you time and simplify the probate and estate administration process. If you are a beneficiary of an estate, we are here to answer your questions about the Will and estate distribution.

Probate and Estate Administration
Guardianship and Trusteeship

When applying to obtain guardianship or trusteeship, we can help make the application process as smooth as possible.

Guardianship and Trusteeship
Estate Litigation Lawyers in Calgary

Wills and estates are a common cause of family discord. When a dispute arises, you may have no choice but to fight for your interests. We understand how sensitive and challenging this time is for you. Our lawyers are here to help you find the appropriate dispute resolution strategy and protect your interests as efficiently as possible.

Estate Litigation Lawyers in Calgary

Wills, Trusts and Estates


There is more to a will and estate plan than just dividing up your assets. Working with Calgary estate lawyers to properly orchestrate your legal documents will have the following advantages:

  1. Give you peace of mind
  2. Ensure your wishes are respected
  3. Financially protect your family and dependents
  4. Ensure your children or dependents are cared for
  5. Avoid family disputes and strife
  6. Minimize taxes and expenses
  7. Plan for your incapacity
  8. Avoid complications with probate proceedings
  9. Leave a legacy you are proud of
  10. Contribute to business succession planning

A robust estate plan will account for your incapacity, assets, professional legacy and more so that legal disputes are not necessary. Your family is already going through enough with the death of a loved one. Ensure, your wishes are not up for debate with a comprehensive will and estate plan in Calgary.


Many people believe that estate planning is just for the rich or the eldery but this is not the case. Estate planning is vital for everybody who wants to have control over life’s events. It is crucial for people who want to protect their minor children or dependents. It is necessary for blended marriages and common-law couples who wish to avoid discord in the family or estate litigation. It is pivotal for businesspeople and investors who want to preserve their wealth. It is cardinal for philanthropists who want to leave gifts to charities. Contact a Calgary estate lawyer to discuss your estate planning options. Our wills and estate lawyers will help you protect your wishes.


Once you have your estate affairs in order, make sure that you review your plan from time to time with a wills and estates lawyer. Even if you feel you’re too busy, some changes in your life simply cannot wait. Contact a Calgary estate lawyer when there has been a significant life change, such as the birth of a child, a new long-term relationship, marriage, separation, divorce, or a substantial change in the value or nature of your assets.


When someone you love loses the ability to manage their personal or financial affairs due to an unfortunate event or age, you may want to take care of them. In order to be able to protect their personal values and property, you need to have the legal authority to represent them.

There are various ways to assist someone with their personal or financial matters. If your loved one planned ahead, they may have already appointed you to make decisions on their behalf by an Enduring Power of Attorney or a Personal Directive. Alternatively, you may need to be appointed as a guardian or a trustee for that person. Regardless of how complex your situation is, DLegal estate lawyers in Calgary will handle the intricacies of your case and guide you through this difficult time.


We all need emotional support as we go through grief when we lose our loved ones. Legal issues arising from death are overwhelming for many people. If you have questions about a will or distribution of an estate plan following the end of your significant one, meet with one of DLegal estate lawyers in Calgary. We will take you through the process and answer all your questions with empathy and discretion.

No matter how complex or straightforward a will or estate is, administering it is a time-consuming responsibility. It requires the financial knowledge and skills of wills lawyer. Failure to manage the estate correctly creates a personal liability to the many parties involved. Retaining a will and estate lawyer in Calgary can save you time and limit your failures to observe the formalities. We are here to shoulder your efforts and make the process run more smoothly for you.


Unfortunately, disputes regarding inheritance are not rare. Such conflicts may arise from an unfair distribution of an estate, doubts about a will, or questionable behavior of an executor. Our team of estate litigation lawyers will help you determine if a claim is valid and how to handle it better. Contact us to discuss a fair and cost-effective resolution of the conflict or support you throughout the estate litigation process.

The Wills and Estate Planning Process

When you entrust a preparation of your Calgary will and estate planning to DLegal Law Office, we will guide you through the estate planning process in the following ways.

  1. We will provide you with an easy-to-use Questionnaire, which will guide you through all your options.
  2. We will meet to assess your wishes and needs, with the goal of deciding on the most appropriate estate planning approach for you, so we leave no stone unturned during our initial appointment. If you are not able to visit us in-person, we are happy to assist you online or over the phone.
  3. Once we have a good understanding of your requests, we will take approximately 5-10 business days to draft the documents in accordance with your wishes and instructions. If you need your documents within 72 hours, ask us about our rush fee; based on availability, we can assist with same-day delivery for urgent matters.
  4. You will then receive your draft for review. You can take some time to reflect and ensure you are happy with your decisions or identify any further changes that must be made.
  5. During our second meeting, we will discuss and sign the documents together, thus bringing your wishes and estate plan into a legally enforceable effect.
  6. Once signed, you will take the original home with you, and we will retain a copy. We will also advise you regarding storing and caring for your will.
  7. In the circumstance of life changes or when your children grow up, and changes must be made to your existing will and estate plan, we will happily welcome you back and assist you with any and all necessary changes. As your Calgary estate lawyers we are here for you for life through every chapter to ensure you are always protected and your personal freedoms and wishes are met.


It is not easy to talk about death. At DLegal, we appreciate how sensitive this conversation can be when you wish to put your estate matters in order. We believe that planning for the future with an estate planning lawyer will give you peace of mind by knowing that you and your family are prepared, your property will be appropriately taken care of, your values will be preserved, and your wishes will be upheld.


At DLegal, all of our wills and estate planning fees are listed transparently on our website. View our flat rates for wills, estate, personal directives, and probates here.

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