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We understand the frustration and difficulties that may arise when a loved one is no longer capable of making decisions for themselves, due to a temporary disability or illness. When taking care of our loved ones, we set out to do our best in all legal, financial, and/or medical perspectives. In these scenarios, guardianships and trusteeships can bring relief as you work to best support your loved one.

If your loved one became mentally incapacitated and did not have a Personal Directive in place, you can apply for a Guardianship to continue managing their personal and medical affairs and carry out their wishes, such as their preference for medical treatments, their living arrangements, or social activities.

Similarly, if your loved one became mentally incapacitated and did not have and Enduring Power of Attorney, you can apply for a Trusteeship to gain the ability to manage their financial, and property affairs. Only as a trustee would you be able to access their accounts to pay your loved one’s bills, manage their property, and make sure they and their family are well cared for.

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Applying to Become a Trustee or a Guardian

The Paperwork
We will help you prepare for your application by guiding you through the process of gathering supporting documents. These documents include a capacity assessment for your loved one and a background check, so you may successfully apply as a guardian or a trustee. If you are applying to be a trustee, you would need to undergo an additional credit check to make sure you are in good financial standing as well. Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, we will prepare the court application.
The Court Application
After the paperwork is complete, we will file the application with the court. The application will be reviewed by a judge. This process usually takes 3-6 months, unless your application is urgent. Reach out to us to discuss your options.

Guardianship and Trusteeship Fees

Guardianship and Trusteeship

Guardianship / Trusteeship Application $2590

The flat rate does not apply to complex situations and does not include GST, court filing fees and extra services.

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