Notary and Commissioner of Oaths

As notaries, we can support you by witnessing the execution or the signing of contracts, agreements, and deeds, as well as certify true copies of original documents. If you need a witnessing of oaths, we can also assist you by acting as commissioners of oaths.

As your notary public, we can serve as impartial witness to acts or documents. We can certify or attest a true copy, witness documents, or perform identity verification. Notarized documents can be used throughout Alberta or out of province alike.

As your commissioner, we can witness oaths. When we sign an affidavit, declaration, or affirmation you can use the document in legal transactions while no longer having to present yourself, or the person who made the oath, in-person. These documents can be used only within the province of Alberta.

As notaries or oaths commissioners in Calgary, we only serve as a witness. You will need to come prepared with the necessary documents ready to go. If you need guidance or assistance with the drafting of affidavits, declarations, Powers of Attorney, or consents to travel abroad, please contact us for a quote.

Our goal is to make this process readily available and deliver solutions in a timely manner. We are one of the few firms in Calgary offering flat rates for standard transactions. For our notary services we also offer a deal for multiple documents. Our pricing is published on our website, so you always know what to expect.

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Notary and Oaths Services in Calgary
Swearing or Affirming Documents
To proceed with notarization or the witnessing of oaths as a commissioner, we will need to meet with you in-person and confirm your identity with government issued ID. You will then need to swear and affirm to confirm that the contents of the documents are true to your knowledge. At this point, your notary or commissioner will sign-off and you will be ready to go.
Certifying a True Copy of a Document
To certify a true copy we will need to see the original document. You may need to certify a true copy for documents such as a passport, driver’s license, a birth certificate, or a degree. You do not need to come in-person, as a representative can deliver the document on your behalf.
Notarizing a Signature
You may need to notarize your signature on consent to travel for a child, a deed, or on a Power of Attorney. We will need to see you in person to confirm your identity with government issued ID and witness your signature.
Identity Verification
To verify your identity we will need to see you in person to review your government issued photo ID, sign your photo, and your ID form.
Facilitating Real Estate Transfers
When you are involved in a property transfer across provincial borders, additional legal formalities may be required to ensure compliance with the laws of both the source and destination provinces. We can assist in properly notarizing the necessary documents, facilitating a seamless transfer process while adhering to the specific requirements of each province.
What to Bring to Your Appointment
Bring the original document(s) that need to be notarized. This could include contracts, affidavits, statutory declarations, power of attorney documents, copies of important records, and more.
You’ll typically need to provide valid government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, or provincial ID card. The identification should be current and not expired.
Some documents, like affidavits or statutory declarations, might require witnesses. If witnesses are needed, someone from our office will be able to assist.
Please note that notaries and Commissioners of Oaths are bound by legal and ethical responsibilities, so they may refuse to notarize a document if they believe it’s unlawful, fraudulent, or if they have any doubts about its authenticity.


Notary and Commissioner for Oaths

Notarizing $60 for first document and $30 for each additional document
Commissioning $45 for first document and $20 for each additional document
Apostille* $199 for 1st document and $40 for each additional document
Notarizing British Columbia Sale / Purchase** $199.99+
2+ Signing Parties $20
Additional Witness Signing $20
Personal Guarantee (1 person) $150+
Drafting Affidavit or Statutory Declaration* $150+
General Power of Attorney $345
Specific Power of Attorney $345

*Notarizing fee is included.

**Service is limited to notarizing documents completed by a BC lawyer and does not include legal advice on the transaction, couriers, or additional services, disbursements and charges.

Flat fees do not include GST.

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