Share Purchase Agreement in Alberta

A share purchase agreement, aka a stock purchase agreement, is a legally binding contract that outlines the terms of acquisition of the shares of a company. It describes the seller and purchaser, the type and number of shares being sold and at what price, the payment details, including a deposit, the purchase conditions, the closing date, and what law governs the transaction. With so much at stake, it is important to partner with a knowledgeable lawyer to ensure that all the pertinent details are included and that the agreement is fair and equitable for both parties involved.

For buyers, investing in shares can be an excellent way to build your wealth. When you buy shares in a company, you become a partial owner of that business and are entitled to a share of the company’s profits, known as dividends. On the other hand, selling shares in a business can generate cash for new investments, fund expansion, or cushion retirement.

However, to ensure your transfer of shares goes smoothly, the buyer and seller should enter into a share purchase agreement. A share purchase agreement is a legal document a buyer and seller may use to transfer ownership of company shares. This differs from an asset purchase agreement, where business assets are transferred instead of shares.

A good share purchase agreement sets out the terms of the sale, so both parties know their rights and obligations under the contract. However, the clauses and language of each share purchase agreement differ significantly depending on your needs, industry, and company size. Therefore, it is prudent to work with a corporate lawyer so you can enter the share transfer transaction with clarity around its outcomes, take steps to protect your interests, and ensure a smooth closing.

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Alberta Share Purchase Agreements

A share purchase agreement is a contract used to sell shares in a company. The share purchase agreement sets out the terms of the sale, including the price, the number of shares being sold, and the date of the purchase that will apply to the buyer. It may also include provisions regarding voting rights, restrictions on future sales of the shares, and other conditions that must be met for the transaction to occur.

In Alberta, share purchase agreements are governed by provincial statutes and the common law of contract. As such, it is essential to consult a qualified lawyer before entering any share transfer transaction. A good corporate lawyer can clarify any complexities within the agreement.

Entering into a Share Purchase Agreement

In order to ensure that the share purchase agreement reflects the buyer’s interests, it is essential to consider the terms of the sale carefully. For example, the purchase price should be fair and reasonable, and the number of shares sold should be appropriate for the size of the company.

In addition, the restrictive covenants should be reasonable and necessary in order to protect the buyer’s investment. If any of these terms are not deemed so, it may be necessary to negotiate with the seller before signing the agreement.

Once the terms of the sale have been agreed upon, it is important to draft the share purchase agreement so that it is legally enforceable. The agreement should be clear and concise and accurately reflect the terms the parties have agreed upon.

Who Should Have a Share Purchase Agreement?

If you are buying or selling shares in a company, you should consider a share purchase agreement. In most cases, share purchase agreements are used in transactions between two companies or a company and a private individual. However, they can also be used in sales between individuals.

For example, suppose you are selling shares to another individual in your company or to a friend or family member. In that case, you could use a share purchase agreement to formalize the transfer of shares transaction. While share purchase agreements are not required by law, they are highly recommended in any situation where shares are changing hands. Creating a clear and legally binding contract can protect buyers and sellers from potential disputes.

Who Can Be a Shareholder in Alberta?

A corporation or anyone over eighteen can become a shareholder in Alberta, regardless of nationality or residency. There are no citizenship requirements, and shareholders do not need to be residents of Alberta.

You can also be a shareholder of more than one Alberta corporation. There are no limits on the number of shares an individual or corporation can hold. There are also no restrictions on the transfer of shares, so you can sell your shares to anyone you choose. This makes the province an attractive destination for investment, as it offers a vast pool of potential investors.

Rights and Responsibilities of Shareholders in Alberta

As a shareholder in a company, you have certain rights and responsibilities. For example, under Alberta law, shareholders have the right to vote on matters affecting the company, such as the election of directors or the approval of major corporate actions.

Shareholders also have the right to inspect the company’s financial records and to receive information about the company’s affairs. If you do not understand your rights and responsibilities, you should seek advice from a qualified legal advisor.

Asset Purchase Agreement vs. Share Purchase Agreement

An asset purchase agreement is a contract used in the business world to finalize the sale of business assets. This includes tangible assets like property and equipment, as well as intangible assets like patents and trademarks. The asset purchase agreement spells out the terms of the sale, including the price, payment schedule, and any conditions that must be met by the buyer. This type of agreement is often used when the buyer is only interested in certain assets of the business and doesn’t want to assume any of the liabilities.

On the other hand, a share purchase agreement involves the buyer acquiring a seller’s shares in the company. This gives the buyer control of the business and also means that they could assume certain liabilities and profits.

Taking Ownership of a Company

In some cases, an entire business can be bought through a share purchase agreement. This involves the buyer acquiring all of the seller’s shares in the company. This gives the buyer complete control of the business and also means that they assume all of the liabilities. The price of the shares goes to the existing shareholders, and the new buyer gains ownership over the company.

The advantage of a share purchase agreement is that it can be simple to negotiate since both parties agree to transfer ownership of an entire company. The downside is that the buyer may end up assuming responsibility for debts or liabilities that they were not expecting.

If you are considering buying a business, an experienced mergers and acquisitions lawyer can help you evaluate your options and choose the best path forward. They can recommend if a share purchase agreement is right for you.

Share Purchase Agreement Law Firm

If you are considering entering into a shareholders’ agreement, it is important to seek legal advice from a lawyer who is experienced in drafting these types of documents. A lawyer can help to ensure that the agreement is fair and reasonable, and they can also advise you on the specific terms of the deal.

If you are in need of a lawyer to assist with your sale or purchase of shares, then get in touch with DLegal today. We will help ensure your stock purchase agreement is legally binding and protects your interest so you can explore new horizons with peace of mind.

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Share Purchase Agreement in Alberta


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