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Transfer of Land Title, Change of Ownership

There are multiple reasons why you might want to change ownership on the title. For example, you may wish to remove your ex from the title on separation or place your new spouse to the land title because you have recently married. Alternatively, you may consider adding your family member as an owner as a part of your estate planning. Whether it is your home, condo, or acreage, DLegal Calgary lawyers are here to provide you with the knowledge and how to when you need to change names on the land title.

There are several instances in which you may want to change names on the land title. For example, you may want to place a child, a parent, a spouse, or a common-law partner to the title so they too can become owners of the land. On the other hand, you may also buy out and remove your ex from the title in a separation or divorce process. Occasionally, a bank may ask you to put a friend as a co-signor for a mortgage and as a co-owner of your house. Upon your bank’s approval, you can remove your mortgage co-signor from the ownership.

Call or send us an email if you need to change names on your land title. Our land transfer lawyers will help you understand the consequences of any change.

We offer flat rates and prepare the transfer of land documents quickly and efficiently. Most of the time, we submit the change of land ownership paperwork to Land Titles on the same day.

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Title Transfers for Land, Homes, and Condos in Alberta


There are multiple reasons for a change in land title ownership. When asked to transfer land from one person to another, Calgary lawyers will do a land title search to confirm land ownership and mortgages on the property. The land title lawyer will then draft transfer documents, sign the change of ownership paperwork with you, and submit the transfer of land to the Alberta Land Titles Office for registration.

Most people prefer to have a change of ownership of real estate done by a lawyer. They want to avoid errors, additional costs, and delays in changing names on the land title. Calgary lawyers specializing in land title changes understand the intricacies of the transfer of land process regardless of the type of real estate and reasons for changing names on the title.

DLegal transfer of land title lawyers are here to discuss and change the names on land title for you. We offer flat rates for changing owners on title and will sure to accommodate you without delays.


Transferring land in Alberta is different from buying and selling real estate. A transfer of title is less complicated and less expensive. Transfer of land title changes land ownership, but it only changes names on the title. It does not require actual payment from the transferee. When you add children or a spouse as co-owners to your house title, you can transfer land ownership without exchanging money. When you remove an ex-spouse from the land title as part of a matrimonial property buyout, you can do it for money.

Buying and selling real estate involves a change of ownership of land and includes changing names on title. However, in real estate purchase and sale transactions, the buyer’s lawyer usually transfers funds to the seller’s lawyer. Buying and selling land also involves reviewing the real estate purchase contract and adjustments for taxes, condo fees, and homeowner association fees. In purchase and sale, lawyers also deal with real property reports for houses and estoppel certificates for condos. Also, a homebuyer usually takes a new mortgage, and the seller’s lawyer pays out the seller’s mortgage and removes it from the land title.


When you have a mortgage on your house or condo and want to add or remove a name on the property title, you may need to get approval from your lender first. Many banks and mortgage companies have a special provision (“a due on sale” clause) in their mortgage documents that requires their consent to the land title transfer. Failure to get the approval may result in your breach of mortgage contract and penalties. In addition, your lender may terminate your mortgage and require an immediate debt payout.


Adding a name to the land title or removing a name from the title is different from updating a name. When you place your spouse to your house title or remove an ex-spouse from the title, you are changing owners on the title. When you change your name on the land title because you need to correct typos, add a middle name, or a new last name on marriage, you are not changing your homeownership. If you need to update a name on the title, it will be easier and less expensive.


At DLegal, we keep clients at the center of our work and provide practical and honest advice on transferring title for a house or condo in Alberta. We prepare the transfer of land documents quickly and register land title changes without delays. Our land transfer lawyers charge charging reasonable legal fees and offer flat rates for transferring land title so that you could know what to expect. If your transfer involves paying a buyout to an ex-spouse or partner, we will ensure prompt payment.

When our clients refer their friends to us again and again, we can’t help but smile because we’ve done our job right. Send us an email or contact us by phone or through the website to discuss the transfer of land, house, or condo with our Calgary land transfer lawyer.

  1. For a smooth signing process, we will set up a phone call or communicate over email to collect some information about the real estate property and the reasons for the transfer.
  2. We will then prepare the paperwork and have you come in for a quick signing, after which we will register the transfer with the Land Titles.
  3. The registration of the change ownership of land may take from a couple of days to several weeks, depending on how busy the Land Titles Office is.
  4. Once the Land Title registers the change of names on the title and we receive a copy of the new title showing the change of land ownership, we will email or mail you a new land title.

Transfer of Land Title Cost

Transfer of Land Title, Change of Ownership

UNDER $299,999 $520
$300,000-$399,999 $560
$400,000-$499,999 $625
$500,000-$599,999 $645
$600,000-$699,999  $700
$700,000-$799,999  $770
$800,000-$899,999  $800
$900,000-$999,999  $850

The fee is based on the value of your house and applies to one title. Not including GST, corporate searches and resolutions, tax /estate planning / matrimonial law advice (if required).

Our Land Transfer flat legal fees include:
  1. Land Title search before changing owners on land title;
  2. Drafting Transfer of Land Title, Affidavit of Value for Land Titles fees, and Affidavit of Witness for Land Title Transfer;
  3. Drafting dower consent (or consent of spouse) to the Transfer of Land (if required);
  4. All couriers to and from Land Titles Office;
  5. All Land Titles Office registration fees for changing ownership of land in Alberta;
  6. Providing you with an updated Land Title showing the change of ownership of your real estate property.

We charge the same costs for transferring land in Alberta, whether you need to remove a name from the title or add a name to your land title. More importantly, our flat rate for change of land ownership in Alberta is the same for changing multiple names in a single land transfer.

Our flat rate for Change of Land Title does not include:

The cost of changing owners on a land title in Alberta can increase in more complicated cases. Please contact us to confirm your flat rate for transferring land in Alberta. Examples of scenarios that would increase our flat rate include:

  1. Sale or purchase of land;
  2. Mortgage paperwork, if required for changing the land title or release of covenant;
  3. Transferring a house or condo where a spouse has not given consent, or where a dower release is required;
  4. Corporate transfers (if we need corporate searches and/or resolutions);
  5. Changing title if the owner does not have mental capacity;
  6. Transferring land of a deceased person before getting probate;
  7. Signing documents outside our office;
  8. Matrimonial, tax planning or estate planning advice, etc.
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